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How to install Chrome OS on any PC

A developer posted a guide called Chromefy in XDA. The guide lets us install Chrome OS on any PC or tablet.

Google keeps trying to take market share from Microsoft’s Windows with its Linux-based OS. There is no stock shortage because every big manufacturer has devices supporting Chrome OS. The latest Chromebook models have been improved in terms of performance and branched out into formats like 2-in-1 computers.

Besides newer devices, the OS can be installed in older computers. Google does not make it easy, although it has a free version of the OS (Chromium OS) on which tools like Neverware’s CloudReady and ArnoldTheBat are based. Installing Chromium is easy, but installing Chrome OS is more complicated.

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MSI unveiled its Oculux NXG251R gaming monitor

Yesterday MSI unveiled its new Oculux NXG251R gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync. This is an ultra-fast 24.5-inch monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution and a TN-film panel. It offers a 240 Hz maximum refresh rate and response times of 1 ms (GTG).

Other interesting display specs are the 170°/ 160° viewing angles and the 1000:1 static contrast ratio with DCR.

As for connectivity, we get several inputs at the back, which include DisplayPort 1.2 (needed for NVIDIA G-Sync), HDMI 1.4 (up to 60 Hz), a 3-port USB 3.1 Type-A hub and one USB 3.0 Type-B port.

Below we will show you an overview of the monitor’s main specs.

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Microsoft shocks us with new deals: buy a Surface Pro or a Surface Book 2 at a lower price

Now that Black Friday is over, Microsoft launched a sale season with very nice deals focused on its Surface Pro and Surface Book 2. As we know, these are two pro devices that stand out because they provide high performance, are highly versatile and have a premium finish.

Let’s begin with the Surface Pro. We can find this 2-in-1 device as a bundle on Microsoft’s official store for up to €150 off. Said bundle includes a Surface Pro featuring a powerful Core M or Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 128 GB SSD, a Type Cover, €20 off the Office 365 Personal or Home yearly subscription, and 15% to 50% off optional accessories to have a full experience and make the most out of our new Surface Pro.

The most basic bundle starts at €899, a nice price taking into account how good the Surface Pro is. The deal will be available until December 16.

In case you need a more advanced device, stay calm. Microsoft has you covered. You can buy a Surface Pro featuring a Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD for 25% off. You can also get 15% to 50% off optional accessories.

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These are the Windows 10 services you can disable (without crashing the system)

The OS is literally the most important software of a PC and the foundation for the rest of the ecosystem. Windows 10, like other systems, has a lot of services that are not always necessary depending on how we use the PC. Still they are included so the PC can work in any situation. In this article, we will learn how to find and set them up accordingly.

Be careful: the information shown in this article is valid for most users. It is important to understand and analyze each service before deciding to change the default configuration.

The first step before making this type of changes is to create a manual restore point. We just have to type Create a restore point in Windows 10’s search icon, choose the desired storage unit and click Create. If we notice any problem, we just have to use the restore point.

How to manage Windows 10 services

Every Windows 10 service can be found in Computer Management, in the Services tab. In the window, you will see the name of each service, a brief description of what they do, their status and their startup type.

The startup type shows how the service behaves when the system boots up. There are five types:

  • Automatic: the service boots with the system
  • Automatic (delayed start): the service waits for the system to boot before starting automatically
  • Manual: the service starts when needed by an app
  • Manual (trigger start): the service will start only if there are few services running
  • Disabled: the service cannot be started

To change the types, we have to right-click the name of the service, go to Properties, open the Startup Type list and choose the desired option. Remember to go over each service and bear in mind what we say before deciding whether to follow our recommendation or not.

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Send files to Dropbox via email with these tools

Drobox is a renowned platform to store files in the cloud. Its free version is more than enough for a lot of users. This is a good option to create backup files and be able to always have our photos or videos on any device. In this article, we will talk about some interesting tools to send files to Dropbox via email. We already explained how to use two Dropbox accounts at the same time.

Send files to Dropbox via email

Sometimes it might be nice idea use our email to send a file to our Dropbox account directly, saving time and effort. We will focus on two tools to do so.


The first tool is SendToDropbox. This is a free tool that lets us send files to Dropbox via email. We need to create an account to use the service. Then we need to grant it access to our Dropbox account. What it really does is that it creates an email account.

The way it works is simple. We send attached files to that email and they will be sent to our Dropbox account directly. This is evidently not ideal if we want to send large files because the service has a limit when sending emails.

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Google Chrome and Firefox will remove FTP support soon

The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the fastest and simplest ways we have to send data on the web. To connect to an FTP server, we need a client like FileZilla, which is the built-in client found on any OS. We also need to use FTP-compatible programs like Google Chrome and Firefox, the two most widely used browsers in the world. The FTP is not exactly one of the most secure protocols, which is why browsers will remove its support in order to improve security.

If we click this link on our browser, we will see how the entire content found on the server will be loaded without any additional extension or program. Some files will be downloaded to our PC if we try to open them, whereas other files, like images, will be rendered on the browser.

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There will be more cyberattacks in the next few weeks: these are the best antivirus programs to protect ourselves

Every time we browse the web, we risk being the target of a malware attack. Luckily there are a lot of tools we can use to protect ourselves. There are times when these threats can significantly increase in numbers. This is exactly what we will talk to you about in this article. Cyber security experts say we will see a surge in cyberattacks in the next few weeks. We will also show you the best antivirus programs to protect ourselves.

There will be more cyberattacks in the next few weeks

December is almost here, which means shopping, parties and celebrations, as well as cyber security problems. A report shows that there will be more cyberattacks after having been through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These attacks will focus on companies by taking advantage of a possible lax security. They will also attack regular users mainly via email and social network messages. In most cases said attacks are phishing attacks in the form of supposedly affordable products, for example.

Besides paying attention and using our common sense to stay safe, we can always turn to security tools and programs. We have talked about them before. Today we will show you the best antivirus programs for Windows 10, which is the most widely used OS worldwide.

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Over a million Android users affected by malware hidden in several apps

Despite Google’s constant attempts to improve Android’s security, one of the biggest problems the mobile OS faces is malware. Earlier this year, the company published a report claiming that it removed more than 700,000 malicious apps from the Play Store in 2017. This is a high number but still quite not enough.

In fact, ESET security researcher Lukas Stefanko found 13 apps with malware on the Play store, and stated that more than 500,000 people downloaded these apps before Google removed them. Two of said apps were actually listed in the store’s trending section.

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