Every time we browse the web, we risk being the target of a malware attack. Luckily there are a lot of tools we can use to protect ourselves. There are times when these threats can significantly increase in numbers. This is exactly what we will talk to you about in this article. Cyber security experts say we will see a surge in cyberattacks in the next few weeks. We will also show you the best antivirus programs to protect ourselves.

There will be more cyberattacks in the next few weeks

December is almost here, which means shopping, parties and celebrations, as well as cyber security problems. A report shows that there will be more cyberattacks after having been through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These attacks will focus on companies by taking advantage of a possible lax security. They will also attack regular users mainly via email and social network messages. In most cases said attacks are phishing attacks in the form of supposedly affordable products, for example.

Besides paying attention and using our common sense to stay safe, we can always turn to security tools and programs. We have talked about them before. Today we will show you the best antivirus programs for Windows 10, which is the most widely used OS worldwide.

The best antivirus programs for Windows 10

We will use the latest report issued by AV-TEST. As we know, the lab’s goal is to show the best antivirus programs of the moment. The lab scores different aspects up to a maximum 18 points.

Several antivirus got the maximum score. These are the best antivirus programs of the moment for Windows 10 according to our partners at SoftZone.

The best programs are 6. We know some of them very well, and some others come as a surprise. Said programs are Bitdefender, Avira, BullGuard, Kaspersky, Microworld and Symantec.

All of them received the maximum 18-point score in each of the three tests.

Windows Defender got 17 points. As we know, this is Windows 10’s built-in antivirus. Using it is enough for a lot of users to protect the system.

Malwarebytes received the worst score. Although it is one of the most popular security programs, it only received 13.5 points from AV-TEST.

These certainly are some of the best options we have to protect our system, especially in the next few weeks where attack attempts can increase. So, we recommend having a security program.

As we said in a previous post, an antivirus is not enough to protect our devices. A lot of other elements come into play, like downloading programs from official sources, being careful about possible fraudulent emails we receive and browsing the web responsibly. It is also essential to keep the system up to date.